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Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant

The Keya Plast can supply as per your requirement with Pickling Plants Heating System, Protection bar against damage, Fume Exhaust & Scrubbing System, Hood, Ducting, Chimney & Canopy, Pipe separator system in tank, Load hanging system on tank, Tank covers / lid, Integral Fume Ducting, Acid Circulation System, Installation / Stat-up / Training, etc.

The Pickling Tanks are used for Galvanising Pipes & Tubes, Wires & Rods, Bars & Profiles, Sheet, Strip & Coils, Transmission Tower Structure, RCC TMT Rebars, Highway Guide Rails, Electric Poles, Electrical Overhead Hardware, Grating, Cable Trays, Wire Ropes, etc.

Pickling Tanks used in Galvanizing Plants, Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant, Tube & Pipe Galvanizing Plant (Stainless Steel & Non-Ferrous), Wire Galvanizing / Plating Line (Batch/Continuous), Strip/Coil Galvanizing Line, Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks Galvanizing Plants, Pre & Post Treatment Plants, Degreasing & Galvanizing Lines, Passivation & Galvanizing Lines.

Galvanizing plant Hot Dip Galvanizing plants Hot Dip Galvanizing with acid pickling Tanks