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Pickling Tanks


1) Robust construction with safety features.

2) welded with the state-of-the-art Extrusion welding process imported from Germany.

3) 100 % leak proof.

4) Tank designed on CAD.

5) Tanks have radius bended design.

6) Corrosion free.

7) Environment friendly fume removal System.

8) Inspected & tested with Imported High Voltage tester.

9) Environment friendly design.

10) Corrosion free thermoplastic.

11) Built-in slope.

12) Available with connection like drain / overflow.

13) Repairable.


Overflow partition

Castor wheel for mobility

Lifting arrangement

Air Agitation System

liquid circulation System

Filtration System

Temperature Measuring System

Legs / Mounting

Top Cover / Lid.

Drain / Overflow connection.

Inlet / Outlet connection.

Coils for Heating / Cooling

Built-in Exhaust Duct Lips

Exhaust and scrubber System

Slope for easy draining

Insulation System

Level Measurement System

Pressurised Construction

Conical bottom

Dished ends


With external reinforcement

Stirring facility

Plastic pipings

Compartment / Partitions.


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